Trash Compactor Operation

The Laurel Valley Property Owners Association owns and operates the only trash compactor within Laurel Valley. It is for the sole use of LVPOA and their renters. There is no trash pick-up service in Laurel Valley.

The use of this compactor is outlined in the technical document posted below and included in each welcome packet to new owners.

Further guidance and information on the use of the Laurel Valley compactor includes:

  • The compactor must be activated in order to compress our waste into the smallest space possible. All users should deposit their waste in the compactor and then push the “start” (green) button on the pole adjacent to the pump. If not executed the trash will pile up in the small space at the front of the compactor and give the impression that the compactor is full. Instructions for this process are shown above the switches.
  • The emptying of the compactor will vary based on the time of year and usage requirements. The compactor is monitored continuously and emptied when it is full. The unit is equipped with a warning light that turns on when the compressor can no longer compress the trash. Once this light turns on the vendor is contacted for pickup within 48 hours. If this occurs on the weekend it could stretch to 72 hours for pickup.
  • Should the compactor be totally full during the pickup period or the compactor physically not there (on its way to the dump) owners should retain their trash and bring it back once the compactor has been returned or emptied.
  • Third party contractors do not utilize the compactor. Should an Owner or management company require major renovations to their property the contractor is not permitted to use the compactor for discarding these materials. Contractor disposal of refuse should be included in the contract to be removed off site.
  • When an owner personally remodels or renovates their property it should be scheduled during the spring and fall placement of the open topped construction dumpster or they must discard their own construction materials off site.
  • Open topped dumpster dates will be published as far in advance as possible. At no time should construction materials be placed in the compactor.
  • It is to our advantage to have LVPOA residents monitor the use of the compactor. Owners are encouraged to report any overt or perceived misuse of the unit. By use of non-confrontational means, report the individual(s) by obtaining names, plate numbers, or take a picture. Do not enter into an argument with the violator. Report all/any information about the individual(s) to the, Chairman of the Waste Management Committee, Chairman of the Security Committee or other Board member.
Should you have a question contact [email protected].

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