Architectural Review - Mandatory


Laurel Valley Restrictions require approval by the Architectural Control Committee as stated in Paragraph 5: (Emphasis added for clarity)

“All plans and specifications for ANY STRUCTURE OR IMPROVEMENTS WHATSOEVER to be erected on or moved upon or to any lot, and the proposed location thereof on any lot or lots, the construction material, the roofs and exterior color schemes, any later changes or additions after initial approval thereof and any remodeling, reconstruction, alterations, or additions thereto on any lot shall be subject to and SHALL REQUIRE THE APPROVAL IN WRITING BEFORE ANY SUCH WORK IS COMMENCED of the Laurel Valley Architectural Control Committee…”

You are encouraged to read the Restrictions in their entirety.    While it is exciting to begin a construction project or make improvements to your property,  it is important that you take the time to first read the Restrictions and seek project approval from the Architectural Control Committee.  Failing to do so may postpone your project or result in additional costs.

Before beginning a building project or making any change to the exterior of your home, contact the LVPOA Architectural Control Committee via email at [email protected]. You will need to complete, submit and receive approval for your improvement/project prior to work starting.    The Application for Architectural Review Form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.  For projects that do not alter the size of structures, please use the Alterations & Improvements Request form.   Note that the forms may be updated at any time, so be sure to return here for the latest version.

When submitting for architectural approval, especially for fences, additions, porches, retaining walls, decks, etc., always submit a copy of your boundary survey with your proposed improvement marked on the survey. Along with the survey, make sure you include a detailed description of your improvement and the types of materials used. You can get this information from your contractor.

The role of the LVPOA Architectural Control Committee is to help to ensure that the community's property values are preserved. Violation of the community's architectural standards creates litigation issues that are costly and creates animosity in the community. By having a set of exterior standards Laurel Valley can avoid these ugly distractions. Without a set of standards for exterior improvements, a community can quickly decline and you could find the value of your home declining as well.

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