Security FAQ

Common Questions and Answers:

I will have a number of visitors for a special occasion. Do I have to put them all in an email to the Gate House? What if I don't know everyone's name?
The LVPOA controls access to the neighborhood on your behalf. You have the option of preparing a written list for the Gate House guards to use. Place your name, address and a date/time for the occasion on a list with the names of all your guests and deliver the list to the gatehouse. When guests arrive, the guards will verify your guests and permit them thru the gate. If you don't know every guest's details for the guards, make sure your guest understand that they need to explain to the guards where they are going and the details of your event.

I still have questions. Who do I call? If your question has not been answered by this document or the information on the web site, please call the Gate House after 6PM at (865) 448-9857 or you can email the Gate House ([email protected]). If your question is broader in scope you may contact the Security Committee chairman via the contact form on this website.